An introduction…

This is the post excerpt.


“So, a few words to introduce ourselves, and why we’ve decided to create the blog. We are a straight couple, both nearing 35 and have been single for a few years.

Having been on and off dating sites in that time, we started chatting on Tinder a few months ago and met soon after, both suddenly immersed in this fantastic new relationship. We fell for each other incredibly, with almost perfect compatibility in all areas.
However, date one almost didn’t happen – P cancelled at the last moment, leading S to believe he was no longer interested (which couldn’t be further from the truth). As S now saw this as going nowhere, we began to relax a lot more, being extremely open about our thoughts, feelings, and especially our sexual desires and experiences.
Which leads to the blog….
After having finally met, and having had over three months of the most incredible sex, as well as some very eye opening conversations we have decided to write a blog on our sexual experience together. By doing this we will share with you the ups and downs, the fantasies and actions of what will hopefully be an incredibly fun awakening.
So, introductions over and on to the juicy bits….”

Intense love-makingĀ 

Despite not yet ticking anything new off our sexual ‘to-do’ list, we are still reaching new heights in the bedroom. 
In the last week we have had some very intense, powerfully emotional sex. One occasion, which was pretty much unplanned, involved an hour of indulgence with each other. It was almost like reaching orgasm wasn’t important, just seeing the pure lust in each other’s eyes was amazing enough, let alone the variety of positions…one nearly making P pass out as he ended up almost upside down! When the climax eventually arrived, it sealed the fulfilment for both of us. 
Other occasions have been a desire for P to just be inside S, the feeling of entering and being entered brings with it a rush of closeness, of being as ‘one’ with each other. The resulting slow build up to orgasm feels a hundred times better than a quick ‘rush to cum’. Try it, we recommend highly! 
We have found that even though we haven’t been doing much different it’s making us even hornier – never a bad thing! 
Any feedback, comments or suggestions to this and previous posts is all gratefully received…looking forward to hearing from you šŸ˜‰ 

Soft swinging? The sex list

After only a few days of blogging it’s great to see that we’re getting a few visits and likes – a little pang of excitement catches us when we get a notification or email šŸ™‚ Hopefully our visits and likes will continue to grow!
So something that’s been pretty evident since dating is the paranoia we get, although it seems to be lessening as the weeks go on. Is this normal? We think so – it’s not the dangerous jealous-like paranoia (eg, “is the other cheating or chatting to others”), but more of a paranoia that something will get in the way of this perfect relationship we have. We’re sure there won’t be…
We’ve found, and this may be related to the paranoia and a way of facing our fears, is that we both get turned on massively by thought of the other having sex with someone else. Maybe it’s a case of imagining the other sexually from a distance or we’re subconsciously into swinging? Who knows?! One day we could find out.
Which brings us onto ‘the list’. It started out with a few ‘nice to try’ ideas and has somewhat escalated. Things that neither of us have ever considered now seem like possibilities, and we will certainly be trying some of them in the coming weeks/months/years. It is just a collection of thoughts at these stage, some may be impractical and others very unlikely. So far we have (we will both be present at all times in every scenario)….

Climax with no touching (can we reach orgasm without touching the key areas?)
Sex in the sea
Outdoor sex
Tantric sex
In a mirror room
Oral after cumming
Filming one of us masturbating and then watching it together
Filming us having sex then watching it
Watching another couple have sex
Another couple watching us have sex
Masturbation party – mixed or all of one sex
Watching the other have sex with someone else
Sex party – multiple partners
Watching the other watching porn
Messy – chocolate and whipped cream (tasty!)
Is there anything we’ve missed? (Anything involving pain/domination/dressing up/anal is not for us).
Any suggestions for us to add?

Sex, masturbation and fantasiesĀ 

The story so far….

So, before starting the blog, we had tried several things – being a bit experimental seemed to work for us and hopefully will continue to do so.
Obviously the first time we had sex it was fairly regular (missionary), although a bit tight…but was fantastic. It was the start of some great chemistry. There have of course been some variations – the usual positions, as well as ‘the crab’ which definitely hit the spot for both of us!
A fantasy we both had before we met was watching each other masturbate. The first time we did this, sat opposite each other both masturbating to climax, was an intense turn on. Something which is still done regularly and incorporated into other things – we both find it incredibly hot for P to cum over S’s pussy after S has climaxed.
Some things had limited success – shower sex was pretty much impossible because of our differences in height and watching ourselves have sex in the mirror although a turn was difficult to see. This may be revisited if we can find a room full of mirrors!
Strangely, neither of us had ever been able to climax properly by oral sex. Despite initial doubts on how successful this would be, P soon had S coming to orgasm by using his tongue alone – this is now one of our favourite past times and a major turn on for both šŸ™‚ A couple of weeks later, S also made P cum in the same way (no small achievement!).
Another thing we have tried on several occasions, and we can’t remember how it started, is fantasising about different scenarios – usually when being masturbated by the other. The scenarios often involve the other person having sex with someone else. This was surprisingly a huge turn on for both and has led to all sorts of potential things to try (such as swinging). We’re not sure why we both like it so much, possibly the jealousy being a turn on?
The most recent experiment has been S watching P cum over his own face (an upside down position required, not the easiest!) – S found this very hot and we will be sure to revisit this again in the future.
Next up is our fantasy list….