An introduction…

This is the post excerpt.


“So, a few words to introduce ourselves, and why we’ve decided to create the blog. We are a straight couple, both nearing 35 and have been single for a few years.

Having been on and off dating sites in that time, we started chatting on Tinder a few months ago and met soon after, both suddenly immersed in this fantastic new relationship. We fell for each other incredibly, with almost perfect compatibility in all areas.
However, date one almost didn’t happen – P cancelled at the last moment, leading S to believe he was no longer interested (which couldn’t be further from the truth). As S now saw this as going nowhere, we began to relax a lot more, being extremely open about our thoughts, feelings, and especially our sexual desires and experiences.
Which leads to the blog….
After having finally met, and having had over three months of the most incredible sex, as well as some very eye opening conversations we have decided to write a blog on our sexual experience together. By doing this we will share with you the ups and downs, the fantasies and actions of what will hopefully be an incredibly fun awakening.
So, introductions over and on to the juicy bits….”

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