Sex, masturbation and fantasies 

The story so far….

So, before starting the blog, we had tried several things – being a bit experimental seemed to work for us and hopefully will continue to do so.
Obviously the first time we had sex it was fairly regular (missionary), although a bit tight…but was fantastic. It was the start of some great chemistry. There have of course been some variations – the usual positions, as well as ‘the crab’ which definitely hit the spot for both of us!
A fantasy we both had before we met was watching each other masturbate. The first time we did this, sat opposite each other both masturbating to climax, was an intense turn on. Something which is still done regularly and incorporated into other things – we both find it incredibly hot for P to cum over S’s pussy after S has climaxed.
Some things had limited success – shower sex was pretty much impossible because of our differences in height and watching ourselves have sex in the mirror although a turn was difficult to see. This may be revisited if we can find a room full of mirrors!
Strangely, neither of us had ever been able to climax properly by oral sex. Despite initial doubts on how successful this would be, P soon had S coming to orgasm by using his tongue alone – this is now one of our favourite past times and a major turn on for both 🙂 A couple of weeks later, S also made P cum in the same way (no small achievement!).
Another thing we have tried on several occasions, and we can’t remember how it started, is fantasising about different scenarios – usually when being masturbated by the other. The scenarios often involve the other person having sex with someone else. This was surprisingly a huge turn on for both and has led to all sorts of potential things to try (such as swinging). We’re not sure why we both like it so much, possibly the jealousy being a turn on?
The most recent experiment has been S watching P cum over his own face (an upside down position required, not the easiest!) – S found this very hot and we will be sure to revisit this again in the future.
Next up is our fantasy list….


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