Intense love-makingĀ 

Despite not yet ticking anything new off our sexual ‘to-do’ list, we are still reaching new heights in the bedroom. 
In the last week we have had some very intense, powerfully emotional sex. One occasion, which was pretty much unplanned, involved an hour of indulgence with each other. It was almost like reaching orgasm wasn’t important, just seeing the pure lust in each other’s eyes was amazing enough, let alone the variety of positions…one nearly making P pass out as he ended up almost upside down! When the climax eventually arrived, it sealed the fulfilment for both of us. 
Other occasions have been a desire for P to just be inside S, the feeling of entering and being entered brings with it a rush of closeness, of being as ‘one’ with each other. The resulting slow build up to orgasm feels a hundred times better than a quick ‘rush to cum’. Try it, we recommend highly! 
We have found that even though we haven’t been doing much different it’s making us even hornier – never a bad thing! 
Any feedback, comments or suggestions to this and previous posts is all gratefully received…looking forward to hearing from you šŸ˜‰ 


Getting naked on twitter..?

So, we have taken the brave step of putting a naked picture of us together on twitter (no faces though). 

Once we’re up to 50 followers that is. @shellngpeas00 if you’d like to help us out with some likes and retweets…:)